Security and connectivity more important than ever


Слава УкраїніThe shocking news of the military attack on Ukraine is deeply saddening. We are fully in solidarity with our partners and customers who are in real danger. We are committed to supporting them and maintaining the full continuity of our services.

As a critical infrastructure operator, we are aware of the need for reliable connectivity. Atman’s robust and stable telecommunications infrastructure, which has been built over the years, including two direct connections between Warsaw and Kiev and the use of different Tier 1 providers, enables complete international transit and provides a secure basis for redundant transmission services.

Atman’s technical forces and Network Operations Center monitor the performance of devices and connections round the clock, and do whatever possible to provide our customers with the support they need. Right now, all our links function properly.

As events are difficult to predict and the safety of people is the top priority at the moment, we ask for your understanding if you notice any irregularities in our services.

Слава Україні!