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For companies in need of a small, easy-to-administer environment at an affordable price, we suggest Atman Cloud Basic.

Atman Cloud Basic is a simplified public cloud computing environment for building an infrastructure with a small number of virtual servers and low maintenance costs.

Starting Atman Cloud Basic is easy. Firstly, the customer indicates the necessary resources – one of 3 basic packages at preferential prices. After the resources are allocated, in the Horizon panel, the user runs 1, 2, or 3 server instances, depending on the basic package selected. If they do not want to use free Linux operating systems (we offer several options), they can purchase Windows OS licenses.

It is worth noting that the user-friendly administration panel Horizon is available free of charge, as part of a monthly subscription for Atman Cloud Basic. Similarly, there are no additional data transfer fees – neither for incoming nor outgoing traffic.

Main features of the Atman Cloud Basic service

Atman Cloud Basic enables customers to flexibly manage the cloud server resources and configurations. Resources can be enlarged at any time by upgrading to a higher basic package or by freely modifying individual parameters such as vCPU, RAM, Storage, or IP addresses. In addition, you can freely change the operating system. You can also use the extensive list of virtual server configurations available in the Horizon panel.

The platform on which Atman Cloud Basic operates is based on Openstack, a popular and secure open source cloud computing standard. We use the KVM software for virtualization.

Atman Cloud Basic customers receive a high SLA with 99% service availability. The infrastructure on which we provide the Cloud Basic service is located in Atman Data Center Warsaw-1. The facility meets (even exceeds) the requirements of the Tier III standard for data center and has obtained a 4-level EPI-DCOS (Data Centre Operations Standard) certificate.

Read more about Atman Cloud Basic and take advantage of a 14-day test period (no fees or commitments)

Atman Cloud Basic