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The need for digital transformation and the growing market for data center interconnecting services are changing the definition and requirements of data center networks. Today, applications and data processing operations that constitute the digital source of life for modern organizations are distributed not only throughout local data centers, but also in many cloud networks.

Outsourcing of IT infrastructure

Here is a visualization of the new F6 colocation building, which since May 2020 has been under construction at the Atman Data Center Warsaw-1 campus at 21A Grochowska St., Warsaw. F6 will have 1440 sq m of net technical space (more than 3000 sq m gross).


Cybersecurity is an area not easily understood by non-professionals. An excellent example is the fairly common lack of distinction between antivirus and anti-malware software. Although both tools are used to protect our IT resources, they are not identical concepts. Let’s check what makes them different and how effective they are in the face of modern threats.


Probably you’ve come across the concept of an Internet exchange point or an Internet exchange node more than once or twice. However, if not or if you still have doubts about what it actually is – this article is for you.


Deep Security stands for a Trend Micro toolkit designed to protect servers of any kind: bare metal, virtual, cloud, container. The solution can be used by a company of any size since you only need to protect one server against cyber threats, such as hacking with the use of network vulnerabilities or malware attacks.

Outsourcing of IT infrastructure