Adjustment of the price of ATM S.A. shares

The Management Board of ATM S.A. announces that on 17 May 2012 the price of ATM S.A. shares was reduced by a coefficient of 0.668 in relation to the division of the Issuer into two listed companies: ATM and ATM Systemy Informatyczne. As the ATM price at the close of trading on 16 May 2012 was PLN 7.98, the opening price for ATM shares on 17 May 2012 was that of PLN 5.33. The difference of PLN 2.65 will be the opening price for shares in ATM Systemy Informatyczne S.A. on the first day of trading, which is expected to fall on 31 May 2012. Detailed information and the schedule of the division of the Company can be found on the Company website ( in the “Investor” tab, in the section “Information on Issuer’s Spin-off”.

Each shareholder owning shares in ATM as at the end of the session on 16 May 2012, as of 21 May 2012, apart from the ATM shares, will also hold the same number of shares in ATM Systemy Informatyczne.