Fixing the first share quotation date

Current report 28/2004 dated 09.10.2004

As per Art. 43 par. 4 of the Ordinance by the Board of Ministers concerning current and periodic information provided by issuers of securities, the Management Board of ATM S.A. in Warsaw inform that the Board of the Stock Exchange passed Resolution no. 338/2004 on October 8, 2004, setting the last day of quotations of the 300,000 (three hundred thousand) rights to ordinary bearer shares of the Company ATM S.A. to be October 14, 2004, and by Resolution 339/2004 decided to admit in the ordinary mode as of October 15 the primary market trading of 300,000 ordinary F series bearer shares. The effectiveness of resolution 339/2004 is conditional upon the registration by the National Depository for Securities of the F series shares and their assimilation on October 15, 2004 with the shares of ATM S.A being in the stock exchange trading and designated with the code PLATMSA00013.


Roman Szwed — President of the Management Board,
Tadeusz Czichon — Vice-President of the Management Board