Selected information on H Series shares allocation

Current report 43/2007 dated 03.08.2007

ATM S.A.’s Management Board announced that on August 3, 2007, the H Series shares were allocated. The series of shares was issued on the basis of ATM S.A. Management Board’s resolution dated April 20, 2007 on increasing the initial capital up to the amount of the target capital by issuing no more than 1,204,358 (one million, two hundred and four thousand, three hundred fifty eight) H series ordinary bearer shares with the par value of 7.60 PLN (seven Polish zlotys 60/100) each while maintaining the right of preemption for the Company’s existing shareholders; whereupon the issue of shares was executed.

1. Share subscription was opened on July 17, 2007, and closed on July 25, 2007.

2. Shares were allocated on August 3, 2007.

3. No more than 1,204,358 H Series shares were offered through the closed subscription under the public offering.

4. H Series shares have not been divided into tranches. Subscriptions from buyers exercising their right to acquire were accepted as basic subscriptions and additional subscriptions. No reduction was performed for basic subscriptions. For additional subscriptions, the allocation rate was 17.09 %, i.e. there was 82.91 % reduction applied to the additional subscriptions.

5. A total of 1,443,429 shares were subscribed, including:

basic subscriptions for 1,155,075 shares,
additional subscriptions for 288,354 shares.

6. Under the subscription, ATM S.A.’s Management Board assigned 1,204,358 H Series shares, including:

1,155,075 shares for basic subscriptions,
49,283 shares for additional subscriptions.

7. Shares were purchased at the issue price of 130.00 PLN.

8. 921 people and organizations made subscriptions for the shares, including:

921 people and organizations made basic subscriptions,
64 people and organizations made additional subscriptions.

9. 9. ATM S.A. Management Board allocated the H Series shares to 921 people and organizations, including:

to 921 people and organizations who made basic subscriptions,
to 64 people and organizations who made additional subscriptions.

10. The Company has not entered into share distribution agreements.

11. The value of the subscription amounted to 156,566,540.00 PLN.

ATM S.A.’s Management Board announces that the full report, as referred to in Paragraph 33 of the Resolution issued by the Minister of Finance dated October 19, 2005 on ongoing and periodical information provided by security issuers will be submitted at a later date, but within the two weeks period after the completion of the subscription (as required by Paragraph 97, section 2 of the aforementioned Resolution).


Roman Szwed — President of the Management Board,
Tadeusz Czichon — Vice-President of the Management Board