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Product news

With the support of the new SCADA system, our DC operators monitor round the clock nearly 90,000 various sensors (ca. 22,000 more than last year), constantly taking care of not only the Atman Data Centers’ infrastructure, but also the customers’ SLA conditions.

Product news

The option to share selected private cloud components with Atman public cloud resources allows our customers to reduce the cost of maintaining a dedicated IT environment.

Product news

We have implemented a new version of the Atman Anti-DDoS system. The current solution for protection against volumetric attacks is based on traffic flow analytical algorithms by Flowmon and a scrubbing center in Radware technology. 

Product news

Atman Cloud Basic is a simplified public cloud computing environment for building an infrastructure with a small number of virtual servers and low maintenance costs. Try it out for 14 days free of charge!

Product news

Atman Dedicated Servers of the Startup Line have been equipped with more powerful processors and HotSwap cases. The monthly fees remained the same.

Product news

In order to constantly maintain the highest quality of services provided to our customers, in recent months we have taken steps to modernize those parts of the infrastructure on which our cloud and object storage services are provisioned. Our cloud has accelerated – the number of operations in a second doubled, up to 12,000 IOPS.

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The modernization of the so called southern DWDM ring of our network assumes the replacement of ECI XDM hardware platform with ECI Apollo.

Product news

Atman expanded its offer to include another security service. This time it is an E-Line data encryption service – Atman MACSec. It allows to secure links beyond external firewalls, e.g. links between two branches of one enterprise. 

Product news

Connected to the very core of the Thinx IX, k-root server is now directly available to Thinx members, and companies using Atman’s Internet services. This has further accelerated the Internet for our clients – responses from k-root server are returned now in <1 ms